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Bike Styles

On-Road Bikes

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Road Bikes—Specialized

These bikes are for fast and far and Outpost has a deep range of options. Don’t be fooled by the small seats! When properly fitted by our staff, a road bike can be very comfortable. We’ll get the fit right so you can feel the miles roll by.

Off-Road Bikes

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Off-Road Bikes—Specialized and Norco

The sturdy frame, good shocks and wide, nubby, stable wheels of the mountain bike take on gravel roads and off-road riding with ease. While the thrill of single-track or challenging climbs and downhills is what makes mountain biking its own sport, many mountain bikes belong to those who simple enjoy riding through nature.

Hybrid Bikes

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Hybrid Bikes—Specialized and Norco

Fitness or hybrid bikes are perfect for riding around the neighborhood or on a rails-to-trails type ride. The key for these bikes is comfort. If you avoid your bike because it is uncomfortable, know that these bikes make riding a pleasure.

Cruisers and Comfort Bikes

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Cruisers and Comfort Bikes

Cruisers and Comfort bikes are made for laid back adventures! Cruiser and Comfort bikes have wide plush tires to absorb the shocks of the road or trails, wide sweeping and upright handlebars and a low center of gravity for the most stability you can have on a bicycle.

Bike Styles

E- Bikes

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E- Bikes—Specialized and Electra

Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. Electra and Specialized e-bikes make this possible. They’re smooth, quick, predictable, and easy to control.

Kid Bikes

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Kid Bikes—Specialized and Electra

Your kiddos will love cranking on these awesome bikes made just for them!

Community Rides

Free and welcoming to all, Outpost Tuesday Night Rides provide road bike cyclists of all levels a chance to join friends and make friends through the fun and safety of group riding and post-ride refueling. With more than 100 cyclists joining us some days, we consider this to be one of Michiana’s most popular riding groups. Routes and maps are organized weekly by Outpost staff, who also lead the individual groups.

  • When: Ride begins at 6pm sharp.
  • Where: Most rides* depart from Mary Frank/Northpoint schools in Granger, IN.
  • Riding Groups: Each week, riders who join in will have the options of joining one of five groups—A, AA, AA-Love, AAA or Madone Rides—categorized by distances and varying speeds.
  • Demos: Free bike demos on carbon-fiber Norco and Specialized road bikes are offered at the rides that leave from Northpoint. If interested, come early and bring your bike and shoes, so Outpost staff can change out your pedals.
  • Sign up: Sign up for the Monday noon e-mail for the week’s ride details… and that extra motivation that will get you there.
  • Socialize: For some, the best part of TNR is the post-ride carbo reload. Check our emails for our next location–a great way to relax, meet people and top off an active night.

Legendary Tuesday Night Rides

Peppered into the Tuesday Night Ride schedule are the Legendary Rides that explore routes from different restaurant sites in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. These points may include Mosers in New Carlisle,  Woodfire Grill in Dowagiac, Round Barn Tap House in Baroda, Ghost Isle in New Buffalo, and Haymarket in Bridgman.

The Legendary Ride schedule is planned in early spring and will be announced in the Monday Night e-mails.

Bike Your Age

Challenge yourself this riding season to bike your age. For every hour you ride, you earn a “year” in your age. Keep track of this and you will be pleased with your results.

Mountain Bike Trails

Surprised to hear about mountain biking in Michiana? We have great trails and encourage you to get out and try them. The Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association (NIMBA) is a cornerstone of Michiana mountain biking. NIMBA hosts an annual family friendly race series and has developed a number of outstanding trails in the area. We encourage you to support NIMBA as a member and even volunteer your time as they continue to create and maintain local trails.

Rum Village
South Bend, Indiana

Rum Village is 40 acres of fun—right in the heart of South Bend. The trail segments for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels have exits leading back to the kiosk.

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Dr. TK Lawless Park
Vandalia, Michigan

This is a fast-flowing trail. TK has twisty single track, plenty of short climbs, long straightaways along with a few corkscrews, whoop-de-doos and fast downhills.

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Potato Creek State Park
North Liberty, Indiana

The fast-flowing single track at Potato Creek makes it a great trail for beginners while intermediate and advanced riders enjoy working on speed.

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Bendix Woods County Park
New Carlisle, Indiana

Take a fun ride through a big-tree forest. The Bendix trail starts with a bang on an intermediate section of about two miles but then settles into a twisting ride through the woods with a 2.5-mile beginner section.

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Love Creek Nature Center
Berrien Springs, Michigan

Love Creek Nature Center is host to a 3.5-mile fat bike trail during the winter months and a fleet of fat bikes contributed by Outpost Sports available for rental/demo. Head out to enjoy the trails with rental rates at $15/hour or $25/two hours.

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Madeline Bertrand County Park
Niles, Michigan

The Green Trail at Madeline Bertrand is a hard-packed natural surface that parallels the St. Joseph River and outlines the park perimeter. Terrain is mostly flat with one narrow, downhill slope and a returning uphill climb. With caution on the slopes, it is an ideal trail for family cycling.

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Meyer Broadway County Park
Three Rivers, Michigan

This park has a very “flowy” new 7-mile mountain bike trail that opened in the fall of 2018. You’ll love it!

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Service & Repair

Outpost has experienced and qualified mechanics on staff providing maintenance and repair on all makes and models of bicycles. Choose from three different packages or à la carte service to keep your bike in its best possible condition.

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