Our Company Values

If you love playing in the outdoors, you'll love Outpost Sports.

For more than 40 years, we’ve made it our business to outfit Michiana for the slopes, roads, trails, waters and beaches with the best-quality equipment the industry has to offer.

Walk in as a beginner or a seasoned expert and our staff will treat you to a time-tested fitting process for all equipment purchases. Through consultation, we’ll learn your goals, ability level, intensity, how often and where you intend to play. We’ll consider your physical attributes and couple it all with our own sport-specific experience and knowledge to find your perfect fit.

Outpost staff shares your passion for the outdoors. Whether you are looking for skis, snowboards, bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, hiking equipment or skateboards, take advantage of their expertise – they want you to love it as much as they do!


"Basic Tools for Earth Travelers!"

That's how JV and Sue Peacock billed their first small outdoor store in Ft. Collins Colorado in the early '70s. In those post-’60s back-to-nature days of The Whole Earth Catalog and Mother Earth News, the underlying goal is the same now as then—sell the highest quality product for different outdoor sports.

From selling European travel packs to hippies in the ’70s to helping families get involved in the wonderful sport of skiing, JV & Sue’s passion for the outdoors has never waned. Both staff and owners stay focused on equipment designed for individual sports that help people maintain a healthy lifestyle by being outdoors. Today, Outpost Sports tempts outdoor enthusiasts with a wide selection of skis and snowboards, bikes of all styles (from fat tire to racing), paddleboards, kayaks, skateboards and longboards, and yes, camping and hiking gear for the new “hippies” of the Millennium.

The heart and soul of JV Peacock is in his motto: “Get outside and get some fresh air.” If you can’t find him in the store, be assured he is out on the water, road, slopes or trails—demoing new equipment or hosting one of his signature bike, ski or paddleboard events, all so he can get Michiana outside for some fresh air. (You might also find him in his own “backyard,” playing volleyball on the pristine white Lake Michigan sand regulation volleyball courts that have hosted leagues for 32 years at the Mishawaka Outpost store.)

Giving back to the community has always been as important as growing the adventure-seeking community. Camp Eberhart, Junior Achievement, Boy Scouts of America, South Bend Rotary, Bike Michiana for Hospice, Bike Michiana Coalition are just a few of the Outpost’s dedicated community efforts.